The Weber Beef feedlot is located on our main farm north of Geneseo, Illinois. We have been custom feeding cattle for over 25 years. Our mission is to meet and exceed your goals for performance and care of your cattle while achieving a high level of profitability for our customers.  

Our Facilities

We have a variety of pen types including a confinement building and open cement and dirt lots. All pens are well maintained by weekly cleanings. Bedding is added during the colder months to ensure the best conditions and comfort for our cattle. The pen capacities range from 65 to 300 head.

Feed Rations

Our feed rations are compiled by a leading nutritionist from the Midwest. His knowledge from years of being in the industry has allowed the cattle's intakes and gains to increase to industry leading levels. Our rations consist of corn, ground roughage, gluten, modified distillers grain, and a balancer pellet. Producing our own corn and hay has provided us an advantage for lower feed costs as well as being centrally located near several ethanol plants.

Animal Health

When cattle arrive at Weber Beef, we provide all vaccinations needed to protect and promote animal well-being. Cattle are thoroughly examined multiple times a day. Sick cattle are pulled from their pens, treated, and monitored until healthy enough to rejoin their pen. Treating sick cattle immediately results in lower costs for our customers and shorter recovery time to ensure higher performance for the animal.

Management and Records

The feedlot data is recorded daily into our digital custom feeding program. This program enables us to monitor and record feed use, weight gains, and costs. A consolidated bill with feed, yardage, and other expenses are billed to our customers bi-monthly.

Please contact Weber Beef to discuss placing your cattle in our feedlot.