Weber Beef Cattle Feedlot

Weber Beef is a feedlot located near Geneseo, Illinois. We have more than 25 years of experience custom feeding cattle.
Take a look at our feedlot and you will see how we can maximize the performance and profitability of your cattle.


Our pens vary in size from 70 to 300 head capacity. Pen types include Confinement Buildings, open cement lots, and dirt lots. Pens are well maintained and cleaned, providing the best conditions for your cattle.

Feed Rations

Our feed rations are created by a leading cattle nutritionist from the Midwest. Rations include corn, ground alfalfa hay, gluten, distiller’s grain, and a balancer pellet. We have a competitive advantage by producing our own corn and hay through our farming operation. We are located near several ethanol plants which keeps feed costs low.

Animal Health

When cattle arrive at our feedlot, we provide a vaccination program that meets their needs. Cattle health is vital to their performance, which is why we do what is necessary to eliminate any sickness.

Management and Records

All feedlot data is recorded daily using computers to ensure accurate information to our customers. By using feedlot programs and spreadsheets, we monitor and record all feed use, weight gains, and costs. Feed bills are sent out the 15th and last day of each month.

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